When The SciFi Channel re-branded itself as The SyFy Channel, the Farscape pages with their wealth of interesting Farscape information disappeared.   Because of some very good luck, one of the ChicagoScapers had saved all of the published Crichton's Notes.  For the time being you can find them at the links listed below.

Sadly, nothing else had been saved, and so there are no longer any Journey Logs, or anything about Friends and Enemies, or any of the various other downloads that were once available.

Note that the links below will take you to pages that are exactly as they once were at SciFi's website, including all the original links.  These links do not work, and will take you to an error page at the SyFy website.  To return to this page, you will have to use your browser's "back" button.

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Year 2

Year 3

Year 4