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Jun 5

Farscape Comics Sales Numbers

Boom Comics has repeatedly issues press releases declaring how the first three issues of the Farscape comics have sold out.  Which sounds very impressive, unless you’re a cynical observer such as myself, and think that perhaps the comics may have had limited runs of printings.  Keith R. A. DeCandido, the author of the Farscape comics, clarifies the record:

With the obvious exception of Countdown, the Farscape comics from BOOM! Studios are outselling the Star Trek comics from IDW, which is pretty impressive when you consider that IDW is a larger company than BOOM! and when you consider that Star Trek is an active franchise with a highly anticipated movie that’s a huge hit in theatres right now and a thriving line of tie-in novels and other ancillary merchandise, and that Farscape is a somewhat less active franchise with nothing on the air since 2003, almost no current ancillary merchandise or tie-ins aside from this comic, and a much smaller core audience.

He adds some actual sales numbers for both Star Trek and Farscape comics to bolster his statement.  For example, the debut issue of the Farscape comic book sold 12,775 issues in December.  This is the first time I’ve seen any published sales figures for ANY Farscape merchandising.  Interesting.

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