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Dec 29

Write Like An Egyptian

Category: slightly Farscape

Anyone reading this who hasn’t seen the beginning of season 4 should stop reading right here.

I’ll wait while the newbies clear out…..

Waiting in wintertime in Wisconsin

(That’s how we wait, here in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.)


Okay, remember how in season 4 we got the revelation that if you went far enough back in time, that Sebaceans, Interions, and Humans were all related?  And we all went Ooooh, Aaaah and Woah!??  And there were all these cool Egyptian heiroglyphics that Crichton recognized, right?

Today, while poking around on the web (instead of working on what I should be doing) I came across this neato software that takes your phrases and turns them into Egyptian heiroglyphics. 

Here’s the phrase "Pilot’s Den" in "egyptianese"

Kind of neat, huh?  The software, called Imhotext,  is shareware, with a free trial period, and can be downloaded here.  Who knows, it might come in handy for the Farscape webmaster or fan-fiction writer who wants to trick out their masterpieces with illustrations.

Now if only there were some Farscape wingdings!

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