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Dec 23

Okay, But Where Would You Go?

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Virgin Galactic Airlines is developing spacecraft to provide ordinary non-astronaut folks a means to take space trips.  Their test spacecraft, SpaceShipTwo, has recently successfully made its maiden flight.  You can read more about this milestone here, and someone has posted videos of the actual flight, including takeoff and landing.

The airline’s earliest commercial flights, which only offer sub-orbital trips and provide six minutes of weightlessness to their passengers, are priced at $200,000.  (Yep, you read that right!)  After the first 500 passengers have flown, the cost of a flight will be reduced to a mere $20,000. 

Wikipedia has a nice entry that provides a succinct overview of what Virgin Galactic is all about.

Although one is tempted to sneer a little at this idea, let’s not forget that doing so is cheap, easy, and ignorant.   That’s not to say that a ChicagoScaper wouldn’t be above doing such things, but Farscape fans have learned to keep their minds open to the wonders of this universe.  At its core, this is a neat idea, and a visionary one at that.  Considering that so far there’s nowhere to actually go in space, Virgin Galactic’s founder seems to be taking aim at a bold new future that isn’t quite in sight yet. 

If I had a spare 20 large, I sure would sign up for a ride. 

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