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Dec 18

Another Exclusive Farscape Comic Book Interview

Things From Another World (TFAW) provides another exclusive interview with KRAD (Keith R. A. DeCandidio), the author of the comic book story, and Farscape editor Matt Gagnon.  (IS there a hint of a SECOND Farscape series??!!?)

[There used to be a picture here but I had to remove it because someone was hot-linking to it.  - editor]

Although I personally am not a fan of the comic book genre, and have some reservations about just how complex a Farscape comic book could ever be, I am nonetheless elated that the Farscape story continues, and does so under the helm of the original creators.

By the way, for those of you without a friendly neighborhood comic book store, you can order the Farscape comic book series from TFAW on line.

Being lazy, I ordered my set through TFAW, however, I discovered a couple of weeks ago that my local comic book store not only had them on order, but also that they are HUGE fans as well.┬á They tell me that in my town there are a lot of fans of Farscape.┬á So when the release date finally arrives, I’ll be waddling down to my local comic book store and also picking up an issue there.

Not only do we Farscape fans support each other, but you never can have too much Farscape stuff.

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