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Dec 15

News of New Stargate Series

Category: scifi

french movie poster for The Full MontyFrom Empire online comes the news that Robert Carlyle has signed on for the new Stargate TV series.┬á Who is he and why is this a Big Deal?┬á He’s that scrawny looking Glaswegian actor (that’s Glasgow, Scotland) who first came to notice on these shores in The Full Monty.┬á He also played one of the Bond villains in The World Is Not Enough.

This sounds almost unbelievable.┬á It’s as if some Shakespearian actor from London’s West End decided to appear in a basic cable scifi show.┬á Oh wait…┬á Didn’t Patrick Stewart appear in some syndicated scifi show?

Maybe this new series may turn out okay.┬á It won’t be as good as Farscape, though.

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