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Sep 9

Scapecast Interview with Farscape Comic Author

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In the latest edition of Scapecast, the team brings us an interview with Keith R. A. DeCandido, who is authoring the Farscape story to be told in the upcoming Boom Comics issue.  As noted in an earlier post, these comic book editions can be considered as official Farscape canon, so I think it’s worth a listen for any Farscape fan who would like an inkling of what’s in store for us. 

Look for Season 3, episode 63.  The episodes can be streamed, or downloaded to be listened to later on your computer or your MP3 player.  As usual, I plan to make a brief transcript of the relevant interview some time next week for our members who are still on dialup.

For fans in the know (Farscape Cognoscenti), Keith R. A. DeCandido wrote the third Farscape novel, which is the only one that got it right.  If you haven’t come across his House of Cards novel, and you’re jonesing for more Farscape, then find yourself a copy and immerse yourself in a book that could be considered a lost episode.  Keith is a prolific author of other novelizations from shows, and he was one of Farscape’s earliest fans.  (There are two other Farscape novels, but don’t waste your money or your time on them.  They’re terrible.)

Also in the podcast is a message from Virginia Hey, and as usual, the Farscape Question Of The Week.

Scapecast, a Farscape related podcast has been at it now for three seasons.  I think that means years, but I’m not sure.  At any rate, the folks that produce Scapecast have a solid production record which has endured for an impressively long time, considering it’s all created by volunteers.  My hat goes off to them.

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