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Oct 22

The Slap, Seen Around The World

Category: Farscape Alumni

British Farscape afficianados get a chance to see the Alex Dimitriades, the actor who played Lt. Velorek (in the season two episode “The Way We Weren’t), when he appears in an Australian drama being broadcast on BBC Four on Thursday 27 October 2011. The series, called The Slap, is an 8-part drama, based on a novel by Christos Tsiolkas. The series is also currently airing on Australia’s ABC1 network. You can read more details about it at Suite101.com. Australia’s ABC1 also has a handsome website for the series.

In the opinion of this ChicagoScaper, all of the actors who appeared on Farscape were topnotch, and their other efforts are always worth a look, even if only to see them elevate their material. From a review in the Sydney Herald, this series looks like it’s well made, and is based on a popular Australian novel, making it likely to be an interesting story to watch. Sadly, this doesn’t seem like something that will ever air on American TV, and it might be a wee bit too obscure to get a torrent feed.

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