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Oct 1

Human-Animal Clone Again

Category: Farscape Alumni

Claudia Black, (Our Beloved Raven Haired Goddess) finds another voiceover gig. This time she’ll be playing the role of Cheetah, one of the baddies out to get The Justice League, in a new, animated, direct-to-video movie project.  The movie, titled Justice League: Doom, will also feature Nathan Fillion as The Green Lantern, and Tim Daly as Superman. The story is expected to be loosely based on the Tower of Babel arc which ran in issues #43-46. In it, the files Batman keeps on his fellow teammates that lists each member’s powers, strengths and weaknesses are stolen and used against the team members one at a time, creating a major threat to the Justice League.

In the animated version of The Justice League world, Cheetah is what resulted when biologist Barbara Minerva spliced cheetah genes with her own. (Sound familiar??) In an effort to find funding to continue her experiment, she turned to crime, eventually joining Lex Luthor’s Injustice Gang.

According to IGN, Warner Brothers Home Video will premiere the movie at the New York City Comic Con festival, on October 14th, 3 – 4 PM at the IGN Theater.

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