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Aug 20

Farscape Still Captivates Viewers

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It’s been over 10 years since Farscape made its debut on SyFy (or, as it was known then, SciFi), and nearly 7 years since we saw its final chapter. The Farscape comic books carry on the story, but only to a limited number of Farscape afficianados. The appearance of the long-promised web series seems increasingly unlikely, while the emergence of any Farscape novels seems to be strangely inconceivable to any publisher. Even diehard fans are slowly moving on, it seems, as year by year there’s smaller numbers participating at Terra Firma (almost the last standing Farscape forum), or coming to the occasional Convention where Farscape alumni make appearances. (Did you realize that Ben Browder was coming to Chicago this weekend for a Stargate appearance? Me neither.)

Yet, the DVDs still sell, and a new Blu-ray version of the complete series is coming out this fall. Somewhere, there are people still discovering Farscape, and becoming avid fans.

Some Introductory Videos

I am in pleased to discover that a popular scifi show review site, SF Debris, has undertaken to begin a series of Farscape episode reviews. Only two have been completed so far –- Premiere (ep 1.01) and A Bug’s Life (1.18). Although these reviews aren’t as thorough and instructive as the Star Wars and Star Trek reviews at Red Letter Media, which are virtual master classes in film and story-telling, they’re generally intelligent and well-informed, and more than adequately showcase the episode. For someone who may be wondering if they’d like to try Farscape, but without investing in a set of DVDs, they serve as a better review than many that have been written by fans at IMDB or Amazon.

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  1. aly August 21st, 2011 5:00 pm

    I just discovered Farscape last year and have been obsessed with it every since.
    It moved right up to around the top of one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.
    So yeah Farscape and actors like Claudia and Ben are still getting new fans all these years afterwards.

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