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Jun 14

Hell. Yeah.

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What if the bad kids had a breakfast club?

Filming has begun on the movie version of the graphic novel, Bad Kids Go To Hell, and according to CinemaBlend.com, Ben Browder has joined the cast. (You can also read it here, on the Facebook page for Bad Kids Go To Hell.) The movie also will star one of the original Breakfast Club cast members, Judd Nelson.

So, what’s this story about?

From the Amazon.com blurb:

A construction crew unearths a primal, supernatural force when they break ground for a new, commemorative library for Crestview Academy, a prestigious Midwestern prep-school and home to the spoiled offspring of the city’s social elite. Three years later, six of Crestview’s richest (and hottest) students are brought together early one Saturday for detention inside the newly completed library. Bored, the kids talk about their school’s infamous “dark presence,” and goad one another into a half-hearted seance. However, the joke turns deadly when they rouse an angry spirit, and start to die, one-by-one, in horrible accidents! Yet, as the kids drop like flies, are the murders really the work of an evil phantom, or has one of these six spoiled brats secretly conspired to bring them all together for detention in order to “level” the social playing field and do away with the competition? The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge in this sexy, dark, comedy-thriller mini-series from scribe Matt Spradlin, co-creator of True Believer for the Sci-Fi Channel and visual effects coordinator for X-Men 2 and Beowulf, and hot new comic artist Anthony Vargas!

It looks like if you want the book, you’re SOL, as it has long since sold out — unless you have deep pockets and can afford the high price that any available remaining edition commands.

Let’s hope this movie not only will be well-made, and blessed by the casting gods (for the other non-Browder-acted characters, that is), and based on a sharp script, but that it will be more than just another cult film.

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