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Nov 22

A Notable Farscape Fan

Oh boy. Another would’ve-been author for a Farscape novel surfaces.

John Kenneth Muir, noted horror genre critic and author of two Farscape short stories, as well as numerous other books, writes up a review of Farscape’s The Way We Were episode. (That’s the one where Chiana discovers an old video of Aeryn being a jack-booted thug.) He also makes a brief mention of a Farscape book proposal that had been accepted just as Farscape was canceled.

So..that makes at least TWO books that TOR books had been planning once upon a time.

Oh Tor Books, WHAT does a Farscape fan gotta DO to get a Farscape book??? (And no, the deeply unsatisfying comic books are … well, deeply unsatisfying, and they just won’t do.)

Anyway, it’s not only gratifying to see an intelligent review of an episode some ten years after it originally aired, but also to see the many great comments at the end. Farscape lives! Officer Aeryn Sun, jack-booted thug

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