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Aug 9

A Man, Lost In The Universe

Artist Martin Firrell (artist, cultural activist, benevolent provocateur) has a project which explores the deeper philosophical meaning behind characters in scifi in television shows.  As part of this piece of work, he has posted a series of short video interviews with Ben Browder about the two characters he portrayed, Commander John Crichton and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. 

Who the heck is this Martin Firrell? He’s a British artist who has done large, public projects, such as the Question Mark Inside at Saint Paul’s Cathedral (in London), and the Keep The Faith: All Men Are Dangerous digital projection at the Tate (art museum in London). 

“Yes he’s a provocateur if you like, but the underlying message is very rarely ‘’life’s rubbish and you’re all a bunch of sharks’’… He’s seeking to move beyond simple messages to something which provokes in the viewer a new sense of themselves and their place in the world”.

Deborah Bull, Royal Opera House Creative Director

You can see clips from his current project — interviews with those who have portrayed scifi characters on television — and a few selections of his past projects at martinfirrell.com

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