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May 21

A Mixed Blessing In Disguise. Probably.

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Ben Browder has apparently decided not to continue the gig with CW’s Hellcats.┬á According to his manager:

After long discussions with the Producers, Ben has decided not to do the series as he has a couple of films that he would like to do and if he went ahead with the series, he would not be able to do them. It was a difficult decision as you can understand.

So, the bad news is we won’t be seeing Ben in a weekly show on broadcast TV.┬á The good news is we won’t have to sit through a deadly dull juvenile series just to catch a glimpse of a┬á Farscape alumnus.┬á (Most fans seem to agree that sitting through an episode of this show would be like spending time in “the seventh circle of hell”.)┬á Whew!

The news was posted at Terra Firma, by longtime Farscape fan LAScaper, who runs BenBrowderPortal.com.┬á No word on if he at least appears in the pilot, or if his role will be re-cast and re-shot, or even if the pilot will air.┬á (I’m betting on re-casting and re-shooting.)

5/22/2010 – Edited to add:

Confirmation of recasting from the Deadline Hollywood site.

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