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May 18

News From the Upfronts

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The CW must have just wrapped up their Upfronts presentation because suddenly there’s news from all over that CW has picked up Hellcats.┬á (“Upfronts” is the name for the presentations that all the networks make to their advertisers about their upcoming fall schedule.) ┬á You may recall that this is the TV series pilot that had Farscape alumnus Ben Browder in the cast.

Does this mean that Mr. Browder has landed in a series?┬á Maybe.┬á There is still a possibility that the network may want his character dropped, or re-cast, or perhaps Mr. Browder will have other commitments.┬á But so far the series pilot has succesfully navigated one of many hurdles in making it on to a network’s fall schedule.

Let’s all wish Ben good luck with this.

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