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Jul 17

Jetpacks…Pod Races…now THAT’S REAL Scifi!!

Remember this scene from Into The Lion’s Den Part 1?¬† Where Crichton flies around in the Command Carrier’s power plant using a jetpack?¬†¬† We’ve all dreamed about zooming around in our own personal jetpacks, haven’t we?¬† Well, dream no more!¬† It’s about to become a reality!¬† During the last week in July, an honest-to-goodness genuine jetpack will debut at Air Venture 2008 in Oshkosh.

It’s guaranteed to fly for up to 30 minutes (not like the 30 seconds that the last attempt done in the 60′s lasted), uses regular gas, and has an engine that lasts up to 1000 hours.

Er…that would be about 2000 half-hour battles for Commander Crichton.

Also making a debut at the EAA Fly-in (as it’s affectionately known in that part of Wisconsin) is Rocket Racing!!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!

This will be the FIRST EVER rocket race in the history of flight!

Combining the exhilaration of racing with the power of rocket engines!

Real rockets will race each other across the skies!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!

Sponsored by the Rocket Racing League

It’s not actually on Sunday, but on Friday and Saturday, August 1st and 2nd.¬† I just wrote that as a reminder of all those many Great Lakes Dragaway ads that used to air on WLS when I was growing up.

Here’s an introductory video to Rocket Racing. It looks pretty cool. We’ve certainly come a long way from the early days of barnstorming over the country-side.

For something a little more down-to-earth, but still very cool, a USMC Harrier will also be ‚Äúdropping in‚ÄĚ.

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