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May 6

Finally Webisodes. Sort of.

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From Tubefilter News comes the word that Ben Browder will appear as Nick Naught, in “Naught For Hire”, a new web series that will be … uh … broadcast — or should that be *webcast* –  on the web beginning this December.  Based on a novel called “All for Naught”, the series begins production this summer, and will consist of thirteen 6-minute episodes.  The show features Nick Naught as a noir-type private dick, but is set 20 years in the future, where common objects are embedded with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). 

There is a fun, interactive website, where you can sign up for email updates (click on the file cabinets), and you can also follow the show’s Twitter feeds.

In preparation, I will be listening to my old vinyl LPs of Firesign Theater’s Nick Danger: Third Eye (When Two Aren’t Enough), and Garrison Keiler’s Guy Noir stories. 

Young hipsters may also want to check out the originals:


Sam Spade in The Maltese Falcon, and Phillip Marlow in Murder My Sweet.

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