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Jan 31

Boom Studios Announces New Farscape Comic Series

Boom Studios announces its second year of Farscape comic book publications, featuring the title Farscape: Scorpius Ongoing.¬† (Careful, the link to the announcement has some spoilers for those who haven’t read the previous comic book series but who intend to.)

As noted before, these comic books are conceived by Rockne O’Bannon, and are considered Farscape cannon.¬† They take off from the Farscape Peacekeeper Wars miniseries, and are intended to fill out the Farscape story until such time as when the webisodes appear.¬† (Which will happen as soon as Brian Henson finds some financing.)

This series will be scripted by David Alan Mack, and inked by Mike Ruiz.  There will be two covers, by Nick Runge and by Chad Hardin.

I won’t be reading these, since I loathe the comic book medium and not even my love for Farscape can overcome this.¬† (Anyone want a pile of unread Farscape comics??)¬† I would love to hear from someone who has read them and can let us all know if they’re worthwhile.¬† Are they worth it as stand-alone works?¬† Or are they strictly for Farscape fans?

Dukeshire’s blog has a post about finishing the lettering for the first issue of the new Farscape comic series, but sadly, he has little else to say about what he did.¬† Did he like Farscape?¬† Was the lettering difficult?¬† Was there a lot to do, or not so much?¬† Has he read the series and enjoyed them?¬† On these and other topics that might illuminate the craft of lettering Dukeshire remains mum.

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