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Rockne O’Bannon Interview

July 14th, 2012 | Category: Farscape Alumni

Rockne Oā€™Bannon gets interviewed, and he talks about how Farscape fandom inspired his new series, ā€œCultā€.

His portion of the interview begins at the halfway point.

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Naught Clear

July 08th, 2012 | Category: Farscape Alumni

A status update from the executive producer of Naught For Hire:

“We’re doing some re-work on the current Naught for Hire timeline, and that will ripple backwards into the prequel. That’s slowing us down some, but we are pedaling fast even though news here has been slow.”

It’s on Facebook, and you can read it for yourself there. I welcome all thoughts on what it might mean, as I remain clueless.

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Our Sleek Goddess Appears Again

July 08th, 2012 | Category: Uncategorized

Claudia Black is set to appear in SyFy’s Haven when it returns this coming fall.

In the series’ two part episode “Magic Hour,” Claudia Black will play the role of Moira, a beauty whose bitterness may make her capable of murder.

Read more here and here.


From Best Lesbian Week Ever comes  a little tidbit about Claudia voicing the character of Parker C. Boyd, in the new “animated lesbian Sci-Fi musical” Strange Frame from director and animator G.B. Hajim. The movie is set to be screened at DragonCon, this coming Labor Day weekend in Atlanta. Los Angeles fans can see a screening of this movie at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, September 15 – 16.

Claudia has also voiced a character in the new  LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes video game. You can watch a trailer here, although you won’t hear Claudia’s voice in it. The game was released June 19th, in North America, and June 22nd in the UK. 

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