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Shot In Chicago

December 27th, 2010 | Category: Chicagoland

A young Chicago real estate agent unearths a box of 30,000 photographic negatives. He finds himself intrigued by the images, but when he sells a few on eBay for $80, he begins to think he might have found something special.


It turns out they were taken by a Chicago nanny, who had emigrated to the US with her mother, worked in a sweatshop in NYC as a girl, and eventually landed in Chicago. During her lifetime, (1926 to 2009), she took thousands of pictures, mostly on the streets of Chicago and New York. The story is even more intriguing, and you can read the rest at VivianMaier.Blogspot.com, the site created by the young man who discovered her works.

Around about the same time, another man tracked down another cache of her works, and he’s posted them up at VivianMaierPhotography.com.

Since then, this story has gone viral on the interwebs, and all sorts of people are interested in Vivian Maier’s pictures. A book of her photos will be published in 2011, and a documentary about her life is in the works.

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Naught For Hire – Naught Ready

December 19th, 2010 | Category: Farscape Alumni


I feel a bit like Charlie Brown after Lucy has asked him one more time to go kick the football.


Checking on the Naught For Hire website, it appears that the new webisodes will probably premiere at ComicCon in July 2011. IMDB seemingly confirms this, also indicating a July 2011 premiere


But, there’s also a comic book tie-in which will be released at the same time. You know, for those who can’t read the original books. (By author John E. Stith)

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Lisa Henson Explains

December 12th, 2010 | Category: slightly Farscape

A brief recap of how Jim Henson began his puppet business, and about why the Muppets were sold to Disney.

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Farscape Jokes

December 11th, 2010 | Category: Farscape Ha Ha

What is Scorpy’s secret weakness?


What did Crichton say after experiencing unity?

That’s in-Zhaan-ity!

What TV show did Grayza audition for?



What does Braca use to decorate his room?



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A "Best Of" Chicagoland List

December 07th, 2010 | Category: Chicagoland

Gridskipper, an e-zine/blog about urban travel, posts a list of the best book stores in Chicago.

(And, if you’re ever passing through the Milwaukee airport, there’s an excellent used bookstore in the main terminal. I can’t speak about the bookstores of Chicago, but if you’re a book lover and you have travel plans that take you through Milwaukee, leave room in your luggage; the bookstore is that good.)

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Abed – ‘Scaper

December 04th, 2010 | Category: Farscape Fan Stuff

I had no idea that Abed from Community was actually a Farscape fan. Oh yes. And not just a casual fan, but a rabid fan, who will talk with anyone about Farscape. A true ‘Scaper.

(I think now I “get” why he wore the Crichton jump suit in a previous episode.)

Anyway, check out Abed’s vast and deep knowledge of Farscape in this past week’s episode of Community (episode 2.10, Mixology Certification – at Hulu.com).

By the way, Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, was born and raised in Chicago, and speaks fluent Polish.┬á Oh yes. (But not evidently a ‘Scaper in real life: ChicagoNow interview.)

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