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We Know A Guy

August 22nd, 2010 | Category: Chicagoland,ChicagoScapers

This is the ChicagoScaper’s unofficial motto: we know a guy.  Because we always do.  We always know someone who can take care of whatever needs taking care of.  Need some pastries for a party? We know a guy.  Need an A/V studio to record a commercial spot? We know a guy.  Need your furniture moved? We know a guy. And so on. 

We try not to think about how far this can be taken.  (Need a body buried? We know a guy.  Need a politician?  We know a guy.)  But this is Chicago, the city that works, and this is how things work in Chicago.  I’m not even a native Chicagoan, and yet I know this.

Here’s another Chicagoan’s take on this.

This is Chicago, after all. In Chicago, we don’t make referrals, we don’t suggest that someone may be helpful — instead, we “got a guy.” As in, “I got a guy who can take care of that for you.”
Guys are doled out sparingly. I mean, when you give someone your guy, he or she (“guy” in this sense is gender neutral) might then became that person’s guy. Of course, if things work out, that person is in your debt.

If you ever find yourself in Chicago, you’re going to have to cultivate this knowingness. And to keep a very long memory to tally up the favors owed and owing. THAT’S how things work in Chicago.

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A Man, Lost In The Universe

August 09th, 2010 | Category: Farscape Alumni,scifi

Artist Martin Firrell (artist, cultural activist, benevolent provocateur) has a project which explores the deeper philosophical meaning behind characters in scifi in television shows.  As part of this piece of work, he has posted a series of short video interviews with Ben Browder about the two characters he portrayed, Commander John Crichton and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. 

Who the heck is this Martin Firrell? He’s a British artist who has done large, public projects, such as the Question Mark Inside at Saint Paul’s Cathedral (in London), and the Keep The Faith: All Men Are Dangerous digital projection at the Tate (art museum in London). 

“Yes he’s a provocateur if you like, but the underlying message is very rarely ‘’life’s rubbish and you’re all a bunch of sharks’’… He’s seeking to move beyond simple messages to something which provokes in the viewer a new sense of themselves and their place in the world”.

Deborah Bull, Royal Opera House Creative Director

You can see clips from his current project — interviews with those who have portrayed scifi characters on television — and a few selections of his past projects at martinfirrell.com

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