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War Comes to Farscape …and other news


THIS Means War!!

A NEW galactic enemy shows up, ready to take on all the empires in the Uncharted Territories.  Nope, it’s NOT the Nebari.  Read all about it in the Boom Comics press release.


A Day at the Races, a Night at the Opera, and La Di Da

Gigi recently spent a day at the races.  Check out the pictures here.   That was at Doncaster Day in Melbourne, which is like our Kentucky Derby day in Louisville.  People dress to the nines, wear hats, and watch the horsies go ’round.  She looks very beautiful, n’est ce pas?




Stuffed and Unstrung

Brian Henson and his muppet troupe are currently appearing in New York City in a show called Stuffed and Unstrung.  They’ll be appearing through the month of May at Union Square Theater, and you can get your tickets here.  Check out a YouTube video preview.


Angel Eyes 

Who’s eyes are these, looking all coy and sexy?  Who indeed!  View the original photo at David Blue’s Facebook album.



The EclecticMicks Get Frelled

This week is Farscape week at this artists’ blog.  Starting Monday, each artist member will post an original work depicting something about Farscape.    They’re a bunch of Irish comic book artists, so I’m expecting something special from them.

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Wicked Awesome!

April 21st, 2010 | Category: Farscape Alumni

That’s Claudia Black on the set of NCIS.  She has a guest role in an upcoming episode.  Someone on the internet said the episode airs on 5/11, but check your listings.  Let’s hope it’s a smart episode, and a fun character to watch.

I once worked in a biker’s hangout, but I can say that no biker chick I ever saw looked as sexy as Claudia in that outfit. 

If you’re like me, and tend to get all those CSI-ey shows all mixed up in your head, NCIS is the one that stars Mark Harmon and has to do with the Navy, and NOT those other ones that star either Laurence Fishburne, Gary Sinise, or that red-headed dude who’s always whipping off his sunglasses and intoning some awful phrase.

I’ve got my DVR all set up and I’m looking forward to seeing our favorite raven-haired goddess on a broadcast network!

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Pilot Season

April 17th, 2010 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Alumni

It looks like Ben Browder may have landed in a pilot.  He’s been cast in a CW show called Hellcats, a show about cheerleaders, where he’ll be playing the part of a football coach.

Of course, some are already joking that he’s too old to be on the CW.  Others are groaning at the idea of this being a CW show.  (Teenage angst?? Preposterously well dressed airheads?? Sensitive metrosexual vampires??  What adult would want to spend time with that??)   It’s only a pilot, though, and it may never see the light of day.

Still, it’s work.  I am always glad to see Farscape alumni getting a paying gig.

To paraphrase Michael Caine: 

“First of all, choose the great [roles], and if none of these come, choose the mediocre ones, and if they don’t come, choose the ones that pay the rent.”

I am always glad to see Farscape alumni getting a paying gig.

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