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Warehouse 13: X-Files Redux?

October 22nd, 2008 | Category: Farscape Alumni

Ever since first reading about Rockne’s writing of the pilot for SciFi’s Warehouse 13, I couldn’t help but see the strong resemblance in the project’s description to The X-Files.┬á It seemed like another copycat production, which is what happens so frequently in television.┬á Although nothing that SciFi does surprises me, I was somewhat disappointed to see Rockne’s name become attached, since I consider him to be an inventive and original writer.┬á None of his past efforts have been “re-imaginings”.┬á But, I suppose, a writer’s gotta do whatever it takes to pay the bills, and if SciFi comes a-knockin’ on your door, you oughta think twice about turning them down if you want your relationship with them to continue.

Happily, writer Jill Golick had a friend who glommed on to an undated draft of the pilot episode script, and here’s the skinny.┬á It’s actually a pretty detailed report on the script, and if you’re adverse to spoilers, you may want to avert your eyes.┬á According to Jill’s pal, it’s a pretty good script, and Jill looks forward to more of the same from Rockne.┬á Alas, I don’t think Rockne’s attached to the rest of the series, but you never know.┬á (When SciFi comes a-knockin’….etc.)

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Brian Henson Answers A Question From a Fan

October 05th, 2008 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Alumni

Brian Henson and his sisters were in Atlanta to promote the new Jim Henson exhibit at the Center For Puppetry Arts.  He took time to answer fans’ questions about the future of Farscape.  Video of the interview is posted at A Gypsy Life.   (At the Gypsy Life website, click on "One-on-One With Brian Henson – View Our Exclusive Interview".  A pop-up window will open.  Look for the link for "Brian Takes Questions From The fans".)

The Jim Henson: Wonders From HIs Workshop exhibit will be on loan from The Henson Family Collection for the upcoming year.

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