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A Chat For Old Times’ Sake

April 20th, 2009 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Fan Stuff

Chat for folks from the former Sci Fi FARSCAPE chat

(and other interested parties)

  • irc.sorcery.net as server, use 7000 as port
  • #farscape as the “room” (or channel)
  • Monday, May 4, through Friday, May 8

Those of us who were fans from the early days of Farscape remember irc.scifi.com #Farscape, the chat room that SciFi used to have on their website.¬† I spent many hours hanging around in there chatting with fellow ‘Scapers from around the world.¬† (Yes, really.¬† Around the world.¬† The room always had people in it, no matter what hour.) My very first Farscape friends were made in that chatroom, nearly eight years ago.

SciFi has gotten rid of their chat server (irc is so 90′s), slicked up its website and forums, and introduced flashy videos to their website, but none of that builds as much community between fans as their old chat rooms did.

As an exercise in nostalgia and the old “where are they now” spirit, a one week only chat even will be set up.

I will be traveling that week on business, but I’ll be checking in during the evenings under my “nom de irc” of grapeshot.¬† See you all there!

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Farscape 10th Anniversary Shirts TODAY ONLY!

March 19th, 2009 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Fan Stuff

The ONE DAY only sale of The Jim Henson’s special 10th anniversary commemorative Farscape T-shirts has begun!¬† And they’re available for a reasonable price of $18.¬† Order them from HERE.¬† (Both men’s and women’s styles are available, in a wide variety of sizes.)

If you’re wavering, consider that this is one way for The Jim Henson Company to see how much fan enthusiasm there still is for Farscape…and for demonstrating that to the Hollywood decision makers.

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Farscape 10th Anniversary Commemorative T-shirt

March 11th, 2009 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Fan Stuff


The Jim Henson Company announces a one day only sale of a special, limited edition, commemorative Farscape T-shirt, to go on sale beginning at 12:00 AM on March 19, 2009.

Download the PDF of the announcement at www.Henson.com — click on the square to the right.¬† Or just right-click this link, and do a “save target as”.

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December 29th, 2008 | Category: Farscape Fan Stuff

Do ‘Scapers have a sense of humor?

I don’t know.¬† You tell me.


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