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Abed – ‘Scaper

December 04th, 2010 | Category: Farscape Fan Stuff

I had no idea that Abed from Community was actually a Farscape fan. Oh yes. And not just a casual fan, but a rabid fan, who will talk with anyone about Farscape. A true ‘Scaper.

(I think now I “get” why he wore the Crichton jump suit in a previous episode.)

Anyway, check out Abed’s vast and deep knowledge of Farscape in this past week’s episode of Community (episode 2.10, Mixology Certification – at Hulu.com).

By the way, Danny Pudi, who plays Abed, was born and raised in Chicago, and speaks fluent Polish.┬á Oh yes. (But not evidently a ‘Scaper in real life: ChicagoNow interview.)

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Miscellaneous Tidbits

November 25th, 2010 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Alumni,Farscape Fan Stuff

Froonium Ricky has a GREAT blog post on his recent appearance at the Farscape convention in Los Angeles.

Another well written Farscape convention report can be found here.


Speaking of Froonium Ricky, it seems that the Mambo Loud shirts, made famous on Farscape by Harvey, are a thing of the past. Mambo, the brand, has been sold, and the new owners see no future in continuing the loud, Oz version of the Hawaiian shirts. You can still find a few for sale from Loud Shirt Chip.


Timewaster: Farscape Concentration game


A Farscape Universe map. Finally we can see where the Gammak Base was compared to the wreckage of the Zelbinion, or where Aquara, Lomo, the pleasure planet, and the Budong mining colony is. ChicagoScapers will take special note of where Tormented Space is, a place that anyone who’s been to one of our parties knows very well.


Farscape comics are now available for iPhone and iPad. (Wake me up when it comes to NookColor or, heck, how about just a plain ol’ computer app?)


LA-LA Land Records is offering a special Thanksgiving Day sale of Farscape Classics:Vol 2 Limited Edition. This is a CD soundtrack of Die Me, Dichotomy and Into The Lion’s Den Part 2. The set includes exclusive liner notes and Farscape photos. All for the low low price of $9.98!

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A Notable Farscape Fan

November 22nd, 2010 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Fan Stuff

Oh boy. Another would’ve-been author for a Farscape novel surfaces.

John Kenneth Muir, noted horror genre critic and author of two Farscape short stories, as well as numerous other books, writes up a review of Farscape’s The Way We Were episode. (That’s the one where Chiana discovers an old video of Aeryn being a jack-booted thug.) He also makes a brief mention of a Farscape book proposal that had been accepted just as Farscape was canceled.

So..that makes at least TWO books that TOR books had been planning once upon a time.

Oh Tor Books, WHAT does a Farscape fan gotta DO to get a Farscape book??? (And no, the deeply unsatisfying comic books are … well, deeply unsatisfying, and they just won’t do.)

Anyway, it’s not only gratifying to see an intelligent review of an episode some ten years after it originally aired, but also to see the many great comments at the end. Farscape lives! Officer Aeryn Sun, jack-booted thug

Picture snurched from FarscapeCaps.com

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NEW! The Jim Henson Store on-line

June 05th, 2010 | Category: Farscape Fan Stuff

The Jim Henson Company has opened up its own on-line merchandising store.  You can get Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, and most important of all, Farscape stuff directly from The Jim Henson Company’s website.  iPod, iPhone, and Nano skins, postcards, notebooks, and you can even design your own stuff

I think I want a customized Farscape poster … 

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IASA Security Badge

May 05th, 2010 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Fan Stuff

Here’s a cool Farscape prop that would be easy to make:  Link

And….somewhat to my surprise, I see that the Farscape props forum is still around! 

And for the costumer, there are still a lot of good tips available at the archive of the old Karlsweb site. 

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War Comes to Farscape …and other news


THIS Means War!!

A NEW galactic enemy shows up, ready to take on all the empires in the Uncharted Territories.  Nope, it’s NOT the Nebari.  Read all about it in the Boom Comics press release.


A Day at the Races, a Night at the Opera, and La Di Da

Gigi recently spent a day at the races.  Check out the pictures here.   That was at Doncaster Day in Melbourne, which is like our Kentucky Derby day in Louisville.  People dress to the nines, wear hats, and watch the horsies go ’round.  She looks very beautiful, n’est ce pas?




Stuffed and Unstrung

Brian Henson and his muppet troupe are currently appearing in New York City in a show called Stuffed and Unstrung.  They’ll be appearing through the month of May at Union Square Theater, and you can get your tickets here.  Check out a YouTube video preview.


Angel Eyes 

Who’s eyes are these, looking all coy and sexy?  Who indeed!  View the original photo at David Blue’s Facebook album.



The EclecticMicks Get Frelled

This week is Farscape week at this artists’ blog.  Starting Monday, each artist member will post an original work depicting something about Farscape.    They’re a bunch of Irish comic book artists, so I’m expecting something special from them.

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New! Exclusive "Peacekeeper-ized" Megaset Announced!

September 15th, 2009 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Fan Stuff


Lionsgate and A&E Home Entertainment announces that a NEW, exclusive Farscape DVD megaset which will include the Peacekeeper Wars will be EXCLUSIVELY available from Best Buy on November 17th, 2009.  This will be a LIMITED run of 5000 sets, for the low low price of $149.95, so be sure to pre-order your set.

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More About DragonCon 2009

September 12th, 2009 | Category: Farscape Alumni,Farscape Fan Stuff

For those who have never been to DragonCon, someone wrote an excellent description about it, including a quote from Farscape alumni, Ben Browder.  LINK.  Having been once to both ComicCon and DragonCon, I prefer DragonCon.  ComicCon is clearly rooted in comic books and has a very strong Hollywood TV/movie presence.  DragonCon is mostly about science fiction, and covers all aspects of the genre, including writing and other media.  Both the conventions are big, interesting, and despite what most press accounts would lead you to believe, offer much more to attendees than just celebrity panels.  Although I have a preference, I recommend that if you get a chance to go to either one, take it.

Picture of the Farscape Panel at DragonCon

Claudia and Ben both recorded greetings for the website WormholeRiders.com.  (And WormholeRiders promises to post an interview with Claudia in the near future.)  WormholeRiders.com also posted a brief description of the Farscape panel at DragonCon.

Here’s a brief description of the Farscape panel from the DragonCon’s daily newsletter.

ClaudiaBlackOnline.com has FIVE pages of photos of both the Stargate panel and the Farscape panel — Ben and Claudia appeared in both panels.  (They also have video of her at ComicCon.)

Picture of the Stargate panel at DragonCon

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Submit Questions for the Farscape ComicCon Panel

July 08th, 2009 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Fan Stuff

This is VERY cool.  Over at TVShowsOnDVD.com, they have a link for you to submit questions to be asked at the Farscape panel at ComicCon.  Check it out.  Maybe we can get some fresh new and interesting questions, and we won’t have to listen to the same dumb questions that get asked over and over and over again.

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Farscape Pilot Script

April 21st, 2009 | Category: Farscape,Farscape Fan Stuff

Although you can still find a copy of Farscape’s pilot script for sale on eBay, you can also download a PDF of "Premiere" at TV Writing Pilot School

There’s an amazing list of pilot scripts there, including the pilot scripts for three of the Star Trek series, the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, Caprica (has that even aired yet??), Alien Nation, Heroes, Jericho, Lost, Quantum Leap, and Sliders, — to name but a few of the scifi ones.

What’s even more interesting is that there are pilot scripts available for shows that never made it to pilot stage.  When people say that most television shows fail, this is an illustration of what that means.  Each of these pilot scripts that the networks passed on were originally pitched to the networks, who then decided to pass on it after reading the proposed script. 

I’m awfully glad that didn’t happen to Farscape.

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